SECSII Communication for Semiconductor Industry – DriveSECSII

DriveSECSII is an application interface library which helps to develop applications used in Semiconductor manufacturing industries to enable SECSII communications in Windows platforms. Any developer who wants to develop applications for SECSII enabled controllers can make use of DriveSECSII.

DriveSECSII provides low level SECS-II communication using HSMS-SS protocol. It implements SEMI-E5 and SEMI-E37. The communication interface for SECSII communication are well tested using HSMS for FAB scenarios. Implementation as an in-process dynamic link library, makes its APIs developer-friendly for sending and receiving SECSII messages over HSMS.

  • Develop a SECS/GEM enabled Equipment Control software with SECSII.
  • Develop a Factory Host.
  • Develop a Process Module Controller.
  • Develop a SECSII Tag ID Reader interface.
  • Develop a SECSII Load Port interface.

Major features

  • Reduces Effort
    • Reduces the effort required to develop an equipment control solution with SECSII communication.
  • Configurable
    • Communication related parameters are configurable.
    • Time-outs specified by standards are configurable.
  • Supports Modern Technologies
    • Applications can be developed using C++ and Microsoft .NET platforms.
  • SDK and Sample Code
    • Comes with API specification and a set of working sample applications.

  • SECSII Communication.
  • SEMI E5 and SEMI E37.
  • Message Encoding and Decoding.
  • Exception Handling.
  • Spooling(GEM).
  • Event Handling.
  • Platform Compatibility.
  • In-built diagnostic log management.
  • SDK and Developer Guide.
  • Sample Projects with source code.
  • Send and receive SECSII messages using HSMS over TCP/IP.
  • Implements SEMI standards E5 and E37.
  • DriveSECSII provides simple interfaces hiding binary level message encoding and decoding which are performed at the lowest level. This makes it easy to create and read messages.
  • Exceptions raised inside the DriveSECSII are directed to an exception handler which can be defined by the client application.
  • DriveSECSII provides an in-built spooling mechanism.
  • DriveSECSII provides functions that correspond to SECSII events.
  • DriveSECSII provides interface libraries that are compatible with both managed(C#, VB.NET) and unmanaged development (C++) of client applications in Windows platforms.
  • Diagnostic logs are managed internally by the DriveSECSII.
  • Users can configure different parameters related to logging.
  • DriveSECSII includes an SDK with developer guide which points out different features supported by the product along with sample code which shows how to use them.
  • DriveSECSII installation pack also includes ready to build sample projects developed in Visual Studio C++ 2005 (unmanaged) and Visual C# 2005 (managed).