Industrial Automation

Real-time data acquisition and process control
Throughput optimization
Diagnostics services
Reliability and Maintainability maximization
Exception Handling and Recovery
Technology upgrade in legacy systems
Training and Hand-holding
Low Turn-around time
Process study and control requirement analysis
  • Data Acquisition requirements
  • Control and monitoring requirements
  • Domain modeling
  • Process Flow and Control requirements
  • Alarm and Interlock requirements
  • Diagnostic Requirements
  • Reliability and stability requirements
  • Data analysis & Reporting requirements
Cost-effective system design
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Data Acquisition Hardware
  • I/O monitoring and control logic
  • Domain Model
  • Supervisory Control
  • Jobs, Alarms Management
Application Engineering

Triassic is experienced in integrating sensors for data acquisition and control for high precision manufacturing industries - Semiconductor manufacturing and Electronic components manufacturing.

  • Interfacing with PLCs - Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell
  • Developing Device Interfaces
  • Equipment modeling
  • Programming of sequence controllers, monitors, interlocks, alarms
  • MMI, Trend and report generation
  • Industrial Standards Implementation

Engineers at Triassic have sensor integration expertise in:

  • Temperature sensors used in processing modules.
  • Air flow sensors used in environment control.
  • Pressure sensors used in environment controls, flow controllers and in material detection.
  • Level sensors used in chemical supplies, cleaners, dryers used in semiconductor processing modules.
Robots Air flow Fan filters Flow controllers
Turbo pumps Mechanical pumps Cryo pumps Ionizers
Aligners Material handling systems Doors Chucks
Light tower Valves Temperature controllers Pins
Software Development

Triassic’s expertise spans across

  • Thin Client MMI and Web based systems
    Web and Desktop based SCADA systems, standard compliant user-interfaces

  • Distributed Systems

  • Embedded C++, C#
    Controllers with real time extension in Windows XPe and Windows CE environments.

  • Bus – based control systems
    Anybus, Devicenet, Modbus.

And implementation skills spans

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/NT ,Linux, iOS, Android
  • Languages: C/C++, C#
  • GUI Programming: MFC, ASP.NET, Visual C++/C#., AJAX
  • Middleware: COM, DCOM, OPC, CORBA, XML, .NET Remoting, Web services
  • Database Servers: MS SQL-Server, MS-Access, MySQL, Postgres
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485, Zigbee, Devicenet, Modbus, Bacnet, Arcnet, PLC interfaces, Anybus, HSMS, SECS I, Ethernet IP.
  • Web Programming: ActiveX, ASP.NET,HTML, IIS, JavaScript, VBScript

System Integration, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • System Integration
    • Integration testing with real hardware
    • Testing for integration / acceptance test cases
    • Endurance and reliability testing
    • Testing with industry specific qualification / standards compliance

  • Installation and Commissioning
    • Industrial Standards Implementation
    • Integration Testing
    • Endurance Testing
    • Acceptance and Commissioning Testing

  • Maintenance
    • Support
    • Upgrades and Enhancements
Triassic's Proven Expertise

  • Manufacturing Automation of Semiconductor Chip manufacturing FABs
  • Process Control solutions for Semiconductor Chip manufacturing processes
  • Metrology, Wafer Inspection solutions for the Semiconductor Chip manufacturing industry
  • Software development and sustenance services for: Automation solutions for electrical power transmission, distribution and substations
  • Electrical Power Distribution Automation for a city
  • Energy Management System for an integrated Steel Plant
  • SCADA system for Sintering Plant
  • SCADA system for Ammonium Bicarbonate Plant (fertilizer industry)
  • Data Acquisition System (retrofit) for a Thermal Power Plant
  • PLC based control system for Iron Ore Handling Plant in a major port
  • Data Acquisition System for micro/mini hydro-electric power stations

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