Advantages of Working with Agile POD Teams

The question which pops up immediately is, “What does POD stand for?” Here POD is not an abbreviation; it is a complete cross-functional unit capable of performing all the tasks necessary for a successful project delivery.

Agile POD teams are a close-knit group of consultants (typically 4-10) with skill sets and experience levels complementing each other. They are assembled to suit an organization’s structure, resources and project needs. As PODs are assembled in one go, their members quickly get in sync with each other learning each other’s strengths and how to work together.

“In place of allocating people to a project, allocate a project to the team”. Agile experts recommend this trend change in methodology for better results. The idea is to form full-fledged teams and allocate them projects. At the end of the project, rather than dismantling the team, it can be allocated to a new project.

The shift is difficult to adopt but at the same time, it is also essential. Companies cannot get away from the traditional approach to team formation based on project need.  With the new approach, once assembled, teams can continue working together growing stronger and more efficient on multiple projects.

Why are PODs preferable?

Speed Up

We know that team formation takes about 6-12 weeks, after which, the team has to be made productive. This is a relatively lenghty time frame. The POD approach enables one to shorten this time period significantly, and speeds up overall delivery time.

Evolving Technologies & Tools

Companies and professionals are coping with ever-changing business requirements and also with regular changes in technology stack and toolsets. So the formation of a team based on people’s expertise with a certain skill may soon become uncalled for. The current trend is the formation of cross-functional teams (PODs) which are quickly adaptable to changes.

Best Suited for Agile

Delivery of the products on time is a critical factor and agile methodology requires a team effort to proceed positively. To succeed in any team game, the ideology and thinking should be from a team standpoint, rather than depending on individual contributions. The POD culture enables the organization to approach every problem from the team perspective.

Ease of Scalability   

Scalable frameworks are the norm today. POD culture eases the scaling and de-scaling process which is a necessity with demands for fast scaling up and scaling down.

POD teams are reaping success due to their adept, cohesive and flexible approach towards problem-solving. The advantages of POD teams are hard to achieve when hiring takes place one-by-one, or teams are assembled from specialists in far-flung departments who have never worked together.

Clients will experience efficient development with minimal training by having a self-contained development team. Such teams progress from project to project instead of creating teams frequently. The PODs team delivery system results in faster project delivery, fewer bugs or errors, and less supervision from the leader.

If you need a helping hand with the implementation of agile practices and the formation of agile pods, please feel free to contact us. At Triassic we have substantial experience with breakthrough technology to digitally transform organizations for greater results.

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