Why Should Your Organization Consider Digital Transformation?

We live in harmony with digital technology to such an extent nowadays, that we can no longer imagine life without it. However, when it comes to the digital transformation of the work environment, we have a long path to follow and adoption of new technology is not always a smooth process. The greatest obstacle for digital transformation in any organization is people. This is because a number of key factors in implementing digital solutions are related to people.

Historically, when new IT technology becomes available, it either improves the way work is done, or opens a whole world of new possibilities and opportunities. In 1938, the technology that laid the foundation for xerox machines and printers was invented. Ultimately, this technology became universally adopted making it possible to easily share information through printed documents. When email and chat systems such as Skype entered the arena, once again the way businesses operate changed radically and for the better. Similarly, ground-breaking new digital technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Blockchain can empower organizations to do a lot more than was previously possible.

Although these technologies offer can give organizations a competitive edge, a clear plan for digital transformation is essential. Starting on a large-scale digital transformation strategy is risky for a number of reasons.

To thrive in today’s digital era, organizations should implement strong digital transformation strategies that leverage new technology to drive business transformation for greater success and new opportunities.


The improved efficiency and productivity within your organization trickles down to the customer experience. By adopting digital transformation through a strategic approach, one of the benefits is that your company becomes more customer-centric.

Big data and modern analytics such as predictive AI  can be leveraged to generate customer insights. Based on these insights, organizations can make smart decisions for greater success and customer service.

Digital transformation isn’t just about using new solutions; it is about making sure the business model evolves. Rather than resisting change, people and organizations must prepare strategically and swiftly for a new technologies and skill sets.


Organizations need to leverage Digital Transformation solutions to remain competitive and meet consumer and customer demands.It can be a difficult and costly undertaking for any organization – especially for a small business. The results however, will be more than worth the effort.

In case you’d like a helping hand with your digital transformation strategy, please feel free to contact us. 70% of enterprises admit that they do not have a clear strategy for implementing digital transformation. At Triassic, we have extensive experience leveraging breakthrough technology to digitally transform organizations for greater success.

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