Harness cutting-edge digital transformation solutions that open a whole world of new opportunities enabling you to leap ahead of your competition

Change is inevitable and there is a veritable digital transformation underway with breakthroughs in technologies such as RPA, IoT, AI and last but not least, Blockchain. These catalysts for digital transformation open exciting new possibilities and opportunities that can be leveraged for a stronger competitive edge. However, a clear strategy is necessary to harness the power of such new technology while surmounting the challenges that can arise with them. Successfully leveraging these technological advances will help companies accelerate innovation, and improve customer engagement and intimacy, ultimately leading to significantly greater profits and productivity. We provide readily deployable solutions in each of these spaces and also offer development of custom solutions; think of it as future-proofing your business for a whole new era of digital opportunities across a range of industries.
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RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Empower your organization to accomplish more with less manual effort and minimal errors by leveraging our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. Enjoy a high ROI with significant business benefits such as reduced cost and effort, greater scalability, improved speed and consistent quality results.

IoT - Internet of Things

Expand your business opportunities with our world-class IoT solutions that enable innovative models to improve existing operations and take advantage of new opportunities. Our IoT solutions are platform and device agnostic, providing increased agility and connectivity with real-time analytics that leverage the value of data like never before.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI solutions to improve operational efficiency, boost customer intimacy and make smart decisions with predictive insights from smart, state-of-the-art AI solutions. We have pre-built solutions that can be deployed quickly, as well as the option to develop a custom solution from the ground up.


Our expert team of blockchain developers can develop a Proof of Concept (PoC), a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or complete solution based on your requirements. We follow a structured approach and can integrate to an existing public blockchain, or create a private blockchain for your organization.


These breakthrough solutions can be utilized across a wide range of industries for significant new opportunities, improved operations and massive RoI.
finance cloud

Our IoT-enabled finance application provided convenient dashboarding of data with chart and report options that provided real-time insights into the latest market developments. It also provided expedient support and access to online stockbrokers at convenient times. These features empowered users and management to make intelligent data-driven decisions for massive gains.

healthcare cloud

Our healthcare applications can remotely track patient vitals and give doctors alerts if any critical variations occur. Real-time readings are accessible on the go from laptops, tablets and mobiles enhancing accessibility and monitoring capabilities. Patients were able to get a response quickly, while doctors could focus their attention as and when required. Hospitals were able to improve patient management, drugs management and reduce costs.

retail cloud

In digital retail, an ever-growing space, we developed a solution that provided a frictionless car buying experience that operated between the dealer website and the store front dealers. It gave customers a convenient one-stop solution to choose, finalize, finance and pick up the car of their choice expediting operations significantly. The transparency of the process provided a seamless journey right from the comfort of client’s living room.

manufacturing cloud

We developed a state-of-the-art automated energy management system using custom hardware and applications to reduce energy consumption in the plant and guide operators for efficient energy management operations. Real-time energy monitoring provided advance predictions of energy availability, improving utilization and reducing consumption. The system provided over a million dollars of energy savings in the first year, and paid for itself in the first 8 months of operation.

Leverage breakthrough technology to transform your business, adding unique value for a competitive edge and greater profits.

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