Harness the power of Industrial Automation to meet your specific operational challenges

Manufacturing companies are constantly faced with various challenges, such as increased operational costs, rapidly changing compliance requirements, market fluctuations and other technical complexities, all in a highly competitive environment. With our industrial automation offering, Triassic helps bring higher productivity and quality to the factory floor, adding both top-line and bottom-line value to your business. With decades of experience in industrial automation and controls, we have developed extensive expertise in determining the right fit solutions to improve your operations, right from optimizing processes to deploying solutions to maximize asset utilization.
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Operational Excellence

Drive asset utilization and improve productivity to achieve exceptionally high levels of operational excellence. Stay on top of the game with increased ability to monitor plant performance in real time, drive Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and address issues faster, better and more intelligently.

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Reduced Costs

Increased asset utilization and improved productivity also means reduced costs, which directly impacts your bottom-line. Automation also ensures consistent quality and reduced defects, thereby driving down the overall cost of operation.

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Guaranteed Compliance

The standardization of processes during automation ensures that operations and processes are compliant with constantly evolving industry standards and regulations. Automation significantly reduces human intervention, thereby reducing chances of human error or non-conformance issues.

Our Solutions

OEE Optimization
Real-Time Data Acquisition and Process Controls
Throughput Optimization
Reliability and Maintainability Maximization
Diagnostics Solutions
Technology Upgrade for Legacy Systems

Our Offerings


Process Study and Control Requirement Analysis

Triassic teams have the domain and technical expertise to perform complete process studies, perform domain modeling and document complete control requirements including process flow requirements, control requirements, data acquisition needs, reporting needs and reliability and stability requirements.

Cost-Effective System Design

Triassic can design an end-to-end system for automation, including the associated data acquisition of hardware and software, control monitoring logic, writing of I/O, and building the supervisory controls along with jobs and alarms management.

Application Engineering

Triassic is experienced in integrating various sub-systems (including interfacing) with various PLCs – like Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi etc. – and programming the sequence controllers, monitors and alarms, all while conforming to industry standards.

Software Development

Having started as an IT services organization, Triassic has extensive experience in software development across multiple platforms, including Thin Client MMI and Web based systems, Distributed systems with various protocols, and Bus-based control systems. We also have experience across various front-end and back-end systems.

System Integration, Installation & Commissioning

Once a system is engineered, Triassic can handle the system integration, installation and commissioning on site. Triassic teams have experience in performing various SI or I&C operations, including integration testing, endurance and reliability testing, testing for standards compliance, endurance testing, and acceptance testing.


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Get your organization Industry 4.0 ready with cutting edge industrial automation solutions.

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