Engage your customers like never before with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Realize the full potential of IoT technology and let your organization embrace Industry 4.0 with readily deployable solutions from Triassic. With our unique approach to IoT strategy, combined with a deep understanding of embedded and control systems, we can revolutionize the way you do business. Our solutions empower you to set up radical business models with groundbreaking technology to give your organization a competitive edge. We take pride in the fact that our solutions are platform and device agnostic. They only care about collecting and making sense of your data, whatever device it’s from, whichever platform it’s on. We have the experience and knowledge to provide world-class IoT solutions with innovative models to improve existing operations and take advantage of new opportunities.
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Make Informed Decisions

Our IoT solutions enable you to make confident strategic decisions with accurate real-time insights and consequently accelerate your time-to-market.

Connect On-The-Fly

Connect versatile products across all platforms seamlessly from where ever you are, whenever you want with our platform and device-agnostic IoT solutions.

Increase Agility and Speed to Market

With advanced real-time data analytics re-invent the way you operate your business, and drive the speed with which you adapt to new insight-driven business strategy.
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IoT Strategy

We help you lay out a solid Roadmap to avoid pitfalls and plan your business’ digital transition. Our strong foundation will help your organization realize the full potential of IoT technology.

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IoT Design & Architecture

Our capabilities in hardware, application development (web & mobile), cloud-based technologies and analytics will help you select the most appropriate technology & architecture for your organization.

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IoT Hardware Design

We have a good understanding of sensors, integration protocols and connectivity protocols. Furthermore, our partner ecosystem will enable you to design and prototype Smart and Secure IoT Hardware.

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IoT App Development

Drive deep customer engagement with future-ready IoT Apps. Being platform agnostic, we can build flexible and scalable applications to monitor, control and automate your connected devices.

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IoT Analytics

Discover patterns in equipment and device usage data, gather sophisticated and useful insights to optimize operational efficiency, and achieve transformative business outcomes with IoT Analytics.

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Maintenance & Support

Eliminate downtime and ensure continuous functioning of your IoT solution with our end-to-end IoT Maintenance and Support. Regular security audits and fixes ensure smooth functioning of your IoT system.

Industrial Manufacturing

Leap ahead of your competition with smart IoT solutions.

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