Triassic Leadership

Triassic was founded in 2004 by a team seasoned in leadership with practical hands-on experience in the fields of industrial automation, equipment control, measurement, testing, material tracking, design, software development and maintenance. Our core leadership team consists of skilled and accomplished professionals from across industrial domains who have excelled because of their hard work, sincerity and dedication.

Throughout our history within this market space, we have always placed an onus on excellence and have successfully spearheaded the deployment of thousands of solutions globally. With over a decade's experience in organic growth, our leadership team has proved its mettle in molding a strong and focused IT solutions firm. The ethics and values that Triassic upholds reflect in the cohesiveness that has been instilled in its team members.

Committed to the principles of excellence, the leadership team at Triassic understands the importance of long-term success, and incubates leadership within all teams. We appreciate that team development is at the heart of successful growth for Triassic, and lay special emphasis on mentoring and growing teams.
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