Support and Maintenance

Triassic provides focused expertise in support and maintenance of software.

Support and maintenance typically takes the efficiency of primary development teams and executive management, moving focus away from new initiatives to maintenance of legacy ones. Out-sourcing support and maintenance to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the core team to focus on strategic direction.

Various facets of software maintenance we undertake include:

  • Code maintenance
  • Bug fixing
  • Enhancements
  • Site-specific customization
  • Patch,version and release management
  • Testing
  • Product asset management
  • Software upgrade
  • Testing
  • Code optimization
  • Interfacing to third-party systems

Maintenance contracts are initiated at startup phase , and undergo a process suited to maintenance projects.

The maintenance process includes the following stages:

  • Terms agreement
  • Asset transfer
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Architecture reconstruction
  • Environment replication
  • Readiness
  • Process propagation
  • Work execution
  • Verification and validation
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Review and continuous improvement

Triassic helps you provide Level-I and Level-II support to your clients.

Triassic provides 24/7 support capabilities (email, chat, phone and co-browsing) which you can leverage for faster, more effective resolution.

Technical support

Triassic has well-defined processes for executing support contracts, based on SLAs we draw up with you. Support contracts may be time-based or issue-based. Various areas of technical support we provide:

  • Installation support
  • Usage support
  • Compatibility support
  • Product in-depth support

Customer support

You can use our resources to provide fast and efficient customer support at cost-effective rates. This includes pre-sales product information, order information, price and general customer support.

24/7 Enablement

Using an off-shore support resource lends an advantage of providing round-the-clock support at very low cost, and works well as competitive differentiator.