Triassic has domain aligned engineering skills and experience in various market verticals, and a major footprint in the semiconductor industry. Our experts have deep experience in Etcher Systems, Ion Implantation Systems, Metrology Systems and Copper Plating Systems. Our integration expertise is trusted and endorsed by major semiconductor fabrication labs including Samsung Fabs.

Etcher System

  • 6 Sided vacuum transport chamber with 2 cassette modules, Aligner and two process modules.
  • Brook’s Vacuum Robot, Aligner and Elevator.
  • Cluster tool and Process module controlled by a PC based equipment automation software.
  • More than 30 serial devices and 2000 I/Os in the system.
  • More than a dozen systems running in Samsung Fabs.

Ion Implantation System

  • Equipment Automation Software developed for a USA based OEM.
  • A custom configuration with 4 Cassette Modules, 1 Aligner, 2 Loadlocks, 1 Vacuum Indexer and a 13 slot Ion Implanter.
  • Aligner, Loadlock and Vacuum Indexer.

Metrology System

  • Developed for a USA based OEM.
  • A custom configuration with 2 Cassette Modules, 1 Aligner, 1 Metrology chamber.
  • Adept’s Front end, Atmospheric robot, Aligner & Stage.
  • Cognex Vision System.
  • Cluster tool controlled by an Equipment Automation Software.
  • Metrology system interfaced to an Equipment Automation Software.

Copper Plating System.

  • Developed for a US OEM.
  • 7 Sided 300 mm platform with atmospheric and vacuum chambers.
  • Vacuum Robot, Aligner and Loadlock.
  • Cluster tool controlled by an Equipment Automation Software.
  • Process module controlled by Siemen’s S7 PLC interfacing with supervisory control.


Real-time HSMS packet sniffing and displaying in SECSII message in different formats are the major features provided by the TriSniff. It also provides facility to store the sniffed packets in a real-time database for data analysis and for offline viewing. The user can retrieve messages from this database based on input criteria like stream, function, type, date and time.

  • SEMI SECSII message analyzing sofware.
  • TriSniff records SEECSII messages for future references.
  • Stores message content in a database.
  • Useful for performance analysis.
  • Helps to diagnose messages between factory host and equipment during development, integration and commissioning.
  • Simulates fab scenarios for trouble shooting your SECSII enabled tools.


DriveSECSII is an application interface library which helps to develop applications used in Semiconductor manufacturing industries to enable SECSII communications in Windows platforms. Any developer who wants to develop applications for SECSII enabled controllers can make use of DriveSECSII.

DriveSECSII provides low level SECS-II communication using HSMS-SS protocol. It implements SEMI-E5 and SEMI-E37. The communication interface for SECSII communication are well tested using HSMS for FAB scenarios. Implementation as an in-process dynamic link library, makes its APIs developer-friendly for sending and receiving SECSII messages over HSMS.

  • Develop a SECS/GEM enabled Equipment Control software with SECSII.
  • Develop a Factory Host.
  • Develop a Process Module Controller.
  • Develop a SECSII Tag ID Reader interface.
  • Develop a SECSII Load Port interface.