Triassic Solutions is an end-to-end project consultant and a complete software development service provider. Triassic's team works comprehensively through stages of concept, design, building and development, implementation and support. We work closely with every client and begin by chalking out a requirements document which help identify gaps. And then, we support and improve your operations.

Industrial Automation

Triassic has a significant experience in the global market for the last several years working with fortune 500 technology companies providing high-end solutions.

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise services incorporate a wide range of technologies, and follow industry-standard software engineering. Services range from client-server to e-business and enterprise mobility.

Manufacturing Solutions

Triassic provides highly scalable and integrated manufacturing solutions that will optimize your technology investments.

Triassic’s services offerings are simple promises kept: delivery on time, cost contained and high quality.

We have all standard engagement and delivery models and our team is versatile in a variety of industrial projects and domains.