Triassic Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Triassic Solutions follows a pyramid strategy for its service delivery which ensures elimination of gaps between customer, employees and enterprise.

Customer First

At Triassic Solutions, customer comes first. All activities are oriented towards building customer confidence and delivering customer satisfaction. Triassic ensures uninterrupted support for its customers to sustain in their competitive environment through long-term relationships and exceeding customer expectations in quality of service.


Triassic Solutions upholds ethical integrity and rigorously adhere to it in all activities within the organization and outside. Triassic has always lead from the front to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Excellence and Continued Learning

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle)

At Triassic Solutions, excellence is considered to be achieved personally than professionally. Co-operation, teamwork and hard work will always result in operational excellence.

Learning is a continuous process. Triassic provides an environment to pursue all possible avenues of learning which will help develop technical, personal and professional skills.