Hipaa Compliance in Healthcare

Business Challenge  

Client  was developing a healthcare platform and it required to process personal health information or PHI  for one or more of its services. This required that the application is  HIPAA compliant or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s provisions compliant.

Solutions and Implementation

Team undertook extensive consultations and online references to empower them to implement HIPAA provisions. The security hardening was done  to ensure that data is safe both during rest and transit. This means both in the application transport layers, database and cloud servers, security was tightened. Further policies were developed to be adhered in terms of resource onboarding, security auditing and its frequency, incident reporting etc.

The following approaches were adopted.

  • All services was made to be secure for PHI
  • Enabled https protection
  • Encryption of data
  • Accessibility protection
  • Contingency protection
  • Malicious software/bot protection
  • System activity review
  • Emergency access control
  • Unique user identification for user creation/backup
  • Person or entity identification
  • Developer access to systems
  • System management policies
  • Business Associate Agreement with partners
  • Administrative privilege controls


This ensured that the device is safe to operate as per the US data security compliance involving personal health information

Business Benefits

The timely roll out of HIPAA compliance was critical to approval of the application for commercial use.