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Each independent company should have a technology strategy in place so that their merchants (or employees) can all make decisions about which technologies to use. Picking the wrong technology might result in your firm losing money, time, and other valuable resources. Our skilled business analysts and developers can assist you in setting up a tech stack to avoid such problems. A leading expert in IoT development specializing in embedded systems, Triassic cuts through the hype with a realistic view of the Internet of Things, assisting its customers in making the most of the current technological investments.

Triassic constructs web solutions that address your target audience and resonate with your industry using the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks in web development, such as JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Laravel, ASP.NET, and Node.js. Our fundamental knowledge enables us to create scalable application architecture and provide next-generation solutions that improve internal business processes for our clients.

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Artificial intelligence, which was previously only available to tech giants, is now finding its way into the processes of a growing number of businesses. Artificial intelligence solutions enable neural networks to extract previously unseen business value from massive data sets. Triassic provides AI solutions that minimise bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud, allowing for more efficient data collection, faster AI processes, and easier cloud integration. Utilize Triassic's extensive industry knowledge to incorporate AI into your most critical business processes.

Deep learning algorithms are used in the simplest and greatest jobs today, from stock market research to health diagnostics to self-driving automobiles. Our mission is to revolutionise the way you think about data. You can deliver customized client experiences, mechanize internal processes, and develop solutions that will revolutionise the way customers interact with your product with our AI & Deep Learning experts. Triassic's AI solutions and services address and solve real-world business difficulties that modern businesses encounter on a daily basis.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has given embedded systems a new dimension by allowing communication between devices and Internet connectivity. Having in-depth know-how in the entire embedded area, we offer software for embedded systems and deploy our solutions for diverse platforms. With Triassic, companies within the Consumer Electronics, Lighting, Home Automation, Metering, Sensor-Technology, Home Appliance, and Medical Device industries can create intelligent and connected products. Our suite of embedded and IoT solutions is built to help businesses modernize their physical environments by leveraging edge and cloud-based computing for a wide range of applications and analytics.

Triassic creates diverse solutions for embedded devices ranging from custom operating systems and integrated software packages to various system utilities and consumer-grade applications. IoT helps in streamlining business processes and thereby boosts productivity to a great extent. It'll offer you the power to supply better products and services. With the support of our expert team in Embedded Systems and Technologies, we can help you automate processes using embedded solutions.

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