The Ultimate Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

Earlier telemedicine was seen as a boon to rural patients providing health support and emergency medical aid for them, but with the current scenario of Covid-19 remote patient monitoring and telehealthcare services has a massive role in maintaining the social distance and protecting the vulnerable groups from exposure while providing the best healthcare support. More hospitals and even clinics have started to use this technology for the development and promotion of their patient’s healthcare needs.

Remote patient monitoring is a more revolutionary technology that focuses on preventive healthcare. Patient vitals and other data are captured and monitored continuously using electronic devices. This data is analyzed and recorded to identify any abnormalities and provide required guidance or medical support whenever needed. Remote patient monitoring has proven to be beneficial to both the patient and hospitals as it reduces the emergency hospitalizations and long-term hospitalizations of patients with chronic health conditions. It also leads to a healthier lifestyle since the individual can able to identify and check his body vitals regularly and can understand health deterioration if any at an early stage. In addition, hospitals can avoid unnecessary admissions and occupancy, saving time and money that can be used for more significant and critical medical emergencies. It also helps the hospital in easy data management, understanding the patient’s medical history, and planning ahead of time in the event of a physical hospitalization.

The latest IoT technology uses high-precision sensors in wearable or other devices for detecting the patient’s body vitals, transfers the data to the cloud services, and backs up the data and medical records of patients for future reference. Data can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere by authorized persons whenever required. Since a remote patient monitoring system handles critical and confidential data it needs the consent of the patient. Also, the patient or the caretaker of the patient needs to have a basic understanding of the working of the data monitoring devices or wearables. 

Triassic offers medical practitioners and manufacturers novel healthcare solutions to develop their innovative ideas into technologies. Our 17-year long expertise in the healthcare field has given us the right vision to develop technologies relevant to the industry with emphasis on long-term achievements. Our comprehensive understanding of the global standards of healthcare services helps you to build your ideas with credibility and quality. We build patient-centric technologies focused on creating a more comfortable healthcare service outside the traditional settings while considering other factors of economic, time, and resource benefits for both patient and the healthcare provider.

 We use EHR features facilitating high adaptable and easy management of patient data. The vast data obtained from wearable sensors and devices can be easily managed, analyzed, and documented accurately for future reference.  We develop these solutions with HIPAA and FDA compliance, ensuring that the custom application is market-ready in all aspects.

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